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Coronavirus - A personal message (last update 24.03.2020):

Dear Customers / Clients / Partners,

We life in a very uncertain time - things are changing daily. For now, it looks like food related items will still be sold as normal but if you cannot access the stores, we are happy to fulfill your orders via mail. We are constantly being informed by the logistics partners about deliviers to especially hit countries, and so far the logistics route still work well.

What we like to ask you is:
- There might be delays, changes that could alter shipping durations beyond our control
- At the moment we have good stock, but new batches could take longer until we are through the crisis. For us it is absolutely not calculable what happens to our sales figures during the next few weeks
- If you order please make sure that if you are not at home it can be put in a safe place, we will try to write any necessary information on the parcels / packages

We're a small company and our region also has been hit by Corona quite a bit. You can't see it and that's even more frightening. Be alert, be supportive, follow hygience measures, limit direct contact to others, boost your immunity (take walks in nature, maybe supplement - won't harm to take Colostrum (a personal favorite), things like Vitamin C/Echinacea etc.) - to ensure the infection rate lowers and the health care system in your country gets the necessary time advantage to prepare to treat the old and weak people.

If you have any questions, contact mefreely.

Patrik Bitter

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